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Perusa Dry Gin

I designed a fictive dry gin product & campaign. For this dry gin I thought

of a new concept and a campaign for this gin. One of the parts of this campaign

were a recipe folder, the packaging, an advertising, pack shots,… 

background_Tekengebied 1.jpg

Perusa dry gin on a girlsnight

The concept Perusa dry gin started as an idea to make a gin that was meant for friends having a night out of having a relaxing night at home catching up. The name Perusa came from te Indonesian word "perusahaan" witch means cosiness.



After I designed the new bottle for the Perusa dry gin there were also pack shots needed of the gin and the bottle. Packshots of the Perusa cocktail were also a must for the recipe folder. Later you will see how the packshot of the cocktail will be used. 


Magazine advertising

At the end of this project I had to design and photograph the advertising for this Perusa gin.

Hypothetically the advertising would be shown in magazines like "Flair" or "Vogue". The concept of this ad is

3 woman of different generations having a lot of fun while doing there hair and enjoying the Persua dry gin.


Cocktail recipe

Before I started photographing for

the recipe pack shot I designed a little wooden card for the recipe. The lyrics is carved in the wood 

along with the Perusa logo.

On the back of this wooden card the pack shot will be printed. 

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